Monday, May 25, 2009

Twins Sweep Leads to Changes

Yesterday I flaked out of doing a game recap, today I'm going to do the same thing. It's Memorial Day, the Brewers are almost on anyway, but again the main thing is I just don't feel like talking about a loss to the Twins. Here's the AP recap, for those of you that are interested. Can't really be too upset about this sweep, as the Twins were hot coming into this series and the Brewers are a little banged up right now.

Still, we'll give out our Player of the Game, and it's going to be Mike Cameron. Both he and Prince homered, but Cam's shot gave him 250 home runs and 250 steals for his career.

Following the loss however, the Brewers did make a change to their roster, although it was a move to be expected. Milwaukee has called up Frank Catalanotto from Huntsville, as it appears he is ready to go. That means R.J. Swindle has been sent back to Nashville after an unsuccessful weekend as our second lefty specialist. The move to bring up another pitcher ultimately didn't pay off, especially after the Hardy injury on Friday.

Speaking of Hardy, he'll be out of the lineup today as his back spasms are still bothering him, so once again it's Counsell and McGehee leading off the lineup. Mat Gamel will get another start, this time at third base, as Bill Hall is just terrible right now. Personally, I don't see anyway Gamel is getting sent down anymore. The Crew needs his bat, especially now that Bill Hall sucks again. Here's the lineup for today's game:

SS Craig Counsell
2B Case McGehee
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
CF Mike Cameron
3B Mat Gamel
RF Corey Hart
C Jason Kendall
RHP Yovani Gallardo

Thanks, Tom!

And even though it is a holiday, come back as later as we'll recap the day action against the Cards, as well as have the final episode of Bucks Survivor.


Anonymous said...

Brewers are Minnesota's bit.h... Wow, what a pathetic performance! And where the heck are Brewers fans, why aren't they invading the Metrodome? It's not that far from their precious Wisconsin. Everytime Twins come to Milwaukee, it's a Minnesota fest at Miller Park. What gives? All in all, the series I would like to forget, they got outright embarrassed again.

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