Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brewers Winning Streak Improves to Seven

Despite giving up a home run to Astros relief pitcher Russ Ortiz, and letting Michael Bourn run his way out of a pickle (something I've never seen before), the Brewers still found a way to beat Houston on Tuesday night. The Brewers probably shouldn't have won this game, but when you find yourself on a winning streak, you start to think that maybe you can't lose. That's how the Brewers played en route to their 4-2 victory in game one of this series.

Dave Bush did pitch well in this one however, getting himself out of the jams he did find himself in. He gave up seven hits over six innings, but allowed just two runs and struck out a pair of batters. From there, Villanueva, Coffey, and Trevor Time allowed just one hit over the next three innings, and Trevor Hoffman got another save, this time on just eight pitches. Incredible.

Prince Fielder continued to stay hot with his bat with an RBI double in the 4th inning, and crossed the plate himself via a J.J. Hardy single. Hardy notched another RBI in the 6th inning, as did Casey McGehee who got the start at second base.

This win not only gives the Brewers their seventh straight win, but also their 13th win in their last 15 games. Despite their success, the Brewers still have some problems to work out especially the situation at 2nd base. I think that the mix of Counsell, McGehee, Iribarren, and even Hall can do a decent job of filling the void if the Brewers don't look elsewhere for options, but the Brewers will also have to figure out who to bat in the leadoff spot, with Corey Hart looking like the top candidate so far. The loss of Weeks is major, but I think this team has it in them to work around it and make a return trip to the postseason. I know it's only May, but so far, so good.

Player of the Game: I could go with Bush, but I'm liking Hardy and his two RBI tonight.


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