Saturday, October 10, 2009

Badgers Lose, Respectfully

Please correct me if I'm wrong, because you likely watched more of the game than I did, but I don't think the Badgers looked that bad in their loss to Ohio State today. I was working all day, per usual, but I was able to catch parts of the game here and there. From what I saw, this game was more or less a better team beating a decent team, than it was an embarrassing loss for Wisconsin. Sure, with only one touchdown (a fake FG attempt), they certainly didn't play great, but you can't be upset about losing to Ohio State at Ohio State.

The Buckeyes run a top college football program, that was to be expected. And while Wisconsin has quite a ways to go before they are considered on the Buckeyes level, I still feel they held their own today, at least for a little while. I mean, this Wisconsin program started 5-0 and got little to no respect from the college football polls, as they were barely even ranked with an undefeated record. I think a win against Ohio State would have put them at like #17 or something, maybe even Top 15, but instead they'll fall back into obscurity in the minds of the college football voters after losing to the Buckeyes 31-13.

This was a game ultimately decided by big plays by the Buckeyes, from the 32 yard touchdown catch by DeVier Posey, to the kick return by Ray Small, to the interception return by Jermale Hines. For the Badgers, John Clay and Scott Tolzien didn't really have good days, at all, but the Badger defense at least helped make this game competitive as they only gave up 184 total yards. Thanks to them, what could have been an embarrassing loss what instead a tough loss, but still a loss that the Badgers can be proud of. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it kind of does. Right? Maybe? Question mark?

Next up for Bucky is another huge opponent when the Iowa Hawkeyes come to Madison next Saturday for Homecoming. A win there, and we're back in the Top 25, a loss, and it's time to start thinking Liberty Bowl.


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