Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charlie Davies Injured in Car Accident

They've already clinched a spot in the World Cup, but the United States still has one more qualifying game to play which will be their matchup against Costa Rica, Wednesday Night at 6:30pm on ESPN2. One man they will be without is forward Charlie Davies, who was involved in a terrible one-car accident late Monday night.

Davies wasn't driving the car, but he and Ashley Roberta were passengers in an accident that "split the car in half". The worst news out of all this is that the accident actually claimed the life of Roberta, while Davies and the driver were in stable condition hours after the accident. Details aren't clear yet how the accident occurred, but the fact that it happened at 3:15 in the morning has me very concerned.

As for Davies, the tibia and femur in his right leg were broken, while he also sustained facial fractures and a fracture in his left elbow. Injuries such as these usually take about six to twelve months of serious rehab to come back from, so it's highly unlikely that Davies won't be able to play in the World Cup.

Not a good situation for any parties involved, to say the least.


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