Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I'm Rooting For the Yankees

There are many reasons why I could root for the Yankees this World Series (my hatred of the Red Sox, the fact that I dont like the Phillies too much, Sabathia, my love for Derek Jeter, their history, their aura, etc...), but there are also many reasons why I couldn't (Evil Empire, Steinbrenners, their payroll). But it's all going to come down to one deciding factor for me, and that is that Johnny Damon's at-bat music is the theme song for WWE's Batista.

I'm glad people like Damon are finally starting to come out of the closest so to speak and admit that they like wrestling. More people watch this stuff than you think, and you might even be one of them. Sure, wrestling isn't as popular in the mainstream as it was say in the 80's, but there are a lot of people who can pull off the names of four to five (if not more) wrestlers off the top of their head.

The only conflicting thing for me with this decision is that Fat Stairs usually comes out to Stone Cold Steve Austin's music, but he rarely ever plays and I've already decided to never root for Fat Stairs again in my life.

Prediction: Yankees in 6.


Winks = LVP said...

You can cheer for them because your a dumb piece of shit!

Anonymous said...


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