Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey, The Brewers Are Still Playing!

(Editors Note: While my Brewers coverage has been lacking lately - aka since July - I managed to find someone who still actually cares about the Crew. Here's my buddy Gweeds with a guest column about the Brewers series so far in Colorado.)

The Brewers are in Colorado this week and they have been given the chance to maybe wreck the chances of a playoff birth for the Rockies. Jason Kendall tried his best to give this season a little bit of life at the end, hitting a three run homer Tuesday night in the bottom of the ninth, only for David Weathers to give another game away. Chris Iannetta hit a walk off two run homer to seal the deal Tuesday night.

Brewers 5 Rockies 7 F/11

Tuesday night highlights:

* Vargas looked good in his first two inning stint of the season. (for the brewers)

* Kendall had four RBI's for the first time this season. Lets give Kendall POTG.

* Huston Street has his second blown save of the season.

Same shit, different day on Wednesday night as Suppan got beat. It just doesn't get old with this guy. It is almost like he just likes to lose. The Brewers had nothing really going for them after the second inning when they had a 2-1 lead. After the third the Rockies never looked back as they expanded the Wild Card lead by 4 games and almost have them a ticket to the playoffs.

Brewers 6 Rockies 10

Wednesday night Highlights:

Prince "King" Fielder hit his 44th homer of the year. Here's a nice article on him and Braun about playing on a shit team this year. The King reference is because of Madden, we drafted a guy named Prince King (editors note: He is our backup quarterback to Rodgers and Vick, and he is awesome. And black of course.)

* Jody Gerut had two stolen bases, and I wouldn't mind if he leads off for this team next year.

* Casey McGehee hit a solo home run when it didnt count for his 16th of the year. Not a bad total when the guy doesn't play everyday. Maybe a sure start next year at thrid base.

POTG, I guess just because he hasn't got anything all year we will give it Jason Kendall. (3-5 with 2 RBI's)

They finish up this series Thursday with a 2:10 start in the afternoon. Manny Parra vs. Aaron Cook in a game that you may think doesn't have any meaning but the Rockies can clinch with a win. The Rockies, who got their 90th win of the year, can also cut the lead of the Dodgers to 2 games. The Brewers will then head to St. Louis where they will end this season and look forward to next year. Maybe things will turn around for the Crew in a quest to make a run at the playoffs and they'll be the team others try to knock out, instead of being the squad trying to knock other teams out.

(Editors Note: Not a bad job by Gweeds in his Bucky debut, although two Player of the Games for Kendall has me a little nervous. Thanks buddy!)


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