Monday, October 19, 2009

Ahman Green Sighting in Green Bay

Hey, look who it is strolling down Lombardi Avenue, it's Ahman Green! That's right, Green was spotted back in Green Bay, and it wasn't just for some retired legend appearance. Green was actually back home to work out for the Packers, hoping to possibly wear the one jersey in which he actually performed well in.

Just because Green worked out for the Packers doesn't mean we should expect him in a uniform anytime soon. I mean, the Packers also worked out Dominic Rhodes on Monday, so take that as you will. More than likely, the Packers just brought in a couple of guys for a quick look just in case Jackson or Wynn go down for an extended period of time, something NFL teams do all the time. Still, it's cool to imagine Green coming back and visiting with some of his former teammates. We'll see what happens from here.


Darkschner said...

man, i would take a healthy green over grant right now! sign him up! fantasy alert! fantasy alert! fantasy alert! fantasy alert! fantasy alert!

TZar said...

I like him (Green) as a third down back. Remember he was the last back we had that could catch the ball in the backfield. We need to bring back the screen. Also, I believe he could block something we are definitely lacking in

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