Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm All For This Happening

Ned Yost is looking very nice these days, isn't he? I think he would look even nicer with that Houston Astros backdrop behind him during after every post-game interview (assuming it's not of him being edgy to reporters behind his desk in a cramped office). Yost came out of hiding to interview for the Houston Astros managerial position on Thursday, and he is one of ten guys in line for the position.

Along with Yost, the Astros are interviewing guys like such Bob Melvin, Manny Acta, and Phil Garner, and I'm really pulling for Yost to get the job. I've always said that Yost was the perfect manager to help the Brewers young stars ease their way into the major leagues, but that he wasn't the right guy to transition them into a postseason run. Too often, I felt, Yost kind of out-thought himself and then didn't react very well to media criticism. Still, I'm all for him getting a second chance in the bigs, and I'm all for a reunion with seeing him in the visitors dugout at Miller Park.


Anonymous said...

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