Thursday, October 1, 2009

The UFL is Going to Be Awesome

The UFL starts this Thursday on Versus, and I couldn't be more exicted. Between this and my new found love for hockey, Versus is going to be rocking my television all winter long (now all I have to do is get into Sports Soup, not). There's actually only four teams in the UFL this season, but at least I recognize some of these names, unlike last time with the XFL.

The Florida Tuskers will not only have Craig Nall, but former Badger Brooks Bollinger as well. Dexter Jackson, Michael Pittman, Todd Sauerbrun, and Jermaine Wiggins will all join the quarterbacks down in the panhandle.

Other names in the league include Mike McMahon (California), Wendall Bryant, De De Dorsey, David Kircus, J.P. Losman, Tim Rattay, Marcel Shipp (Las Vegas), Quinn Gray, Ingle Martin, and Koren Robinson (New York). I said they were names, not exactly big names though. Still, there's a lot of former Packers and Badgers in this league, so it should be worth watching.

Like I said, party at my house. See you this Thursday.


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