Thursday, October 29, 2009

NFL Coverage Maps: Week Eight

There's no Sunday night game this weekend, but that doesn't mean America won't be able to watch a game in unison on Sunday. The Packers/Vikings game has moved been to 3:15, and a majority of the country will be able to tune in (minus Arizona, the Nashville market, and most of the Carolinas). Other than that, expect the same amount of hype that we got earlier in the year for their Monday nighter. Here's the rest of what Wisconsin will be watching this weekend, courtesy of

CBS Single Game Coverage Map - Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears (noon)

Fox Early Game Coverage Map - New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (Green Bay, Madison, Rhinelander markets); San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts (Milwaukee, La Crosse / Eau Claire, Wausau markets). This is unusual, so expect changes.

Remember it's daylight saving time this weekend too, so don't get up too early for the big Browns/Bears matchup.


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