Sunday, October 4, 2009

Badgers Enter Top 25, Kinda

Round one of the Wisconsin/Minnesota battle this weekend went in favor of Wisconsin, as the Badgers travel to Minnesota's new stadium for the first time and came away with the 31-28 victory. The Badgers were down during most of the first half, but then took the lead in the second and were able to hang on to it. Scott Tolzien once again looked good under center, but this was John Clay's game, as the running back had three touchdowns and 184 yards rushing.

I'm still not sure how good the Badgers team really is, but they are definitely a lot better than they were last season. The Badgers have now won two straight games in the Big Ten, against some pretty decent competition. The true test of course will come next weekend against Ohio State, but I'm very pleased we're going into that game undefeated.

Ohio State is going to be a tough game for sure, as the Buckeyes are ranked in the top ten. But the Badgers come into this game ranked as well, kind of. The Badgers are the number 25 team in the USA Today Coaches Poll, and technically the number 26 team according to the Associated Press. It seems like the national media is taking the same approach I am in that while yes, 5-0 is impressive, we need to see how they do against the Buckeyes because we start praising their successes.

Either way, I am full on board the Badgers bandwagon this season. Well, kinda.


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