Monday, October 26, 2009

Cleveland, You Cold-Hearted Bitch

I'm exhausted, have no voice, and I'm not really sure what day of the week this is. That being said, I'm alive, and after this last weekend in Cleveland that's really all I care about right now. Now, just as the WWE saves their best matches for their pay-per-view, I'm going to save the majority of the Cleveland stories for my Winks Thinks this week. Stories that may or may not include strip clubs, Frank Winters, cops, and reenacting a certain Tracy Byrd song.

All in all, Cleveland was without a doubt one of the most insane weekends of my life, if not number one. That's something I did not expect from a blue-collar town like Cleveland, Ohio. So once I get my thoughts collected and my brain is able to function right again, I'll hammer out that Winks Thinks. One thing I wanted to say right away was that Browns fans were quite disappointing in how un-loyal and actually cold-hearted they were. Sure, their team sucks, but they did not represent their town very well. Again, more on that this Thursday.

But in the meantime, does anyone want to talk about how pumped they are for the new Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton feud on Monday Night Raw?!?


rory said...

I'll talk about it: it's fucking long overdue.

Kofi is going to be awesome: he can work, he has a good look, and he can talk. I knew he had mic skills, but I doubt the WWE knew. They had to be impressed with his smooth delivery on Monday.

They can't drop the ball with Kofi--or with the impending push of Ted DiBiase.

By the way, do you too secretly hope that Cena and HHH tear their quads during their Survivor Series match and both miss WM?

Man would RAW be forced to actually push the young talent they have for once. Swagger and Miz can be stars if it wasn't for the HHH's and Cena's of the world.


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