Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to Switch Things Up a Bit

I started a solo Madden franchise with the Kansas Chiefs this year, and started the season 2-2. After four weeks, I traded Matt Cassel to start Tyler Thigpen, I traded for Steve Slaton, I signed Marvin Harrison off the scrap heap, and I changed my punter's number from #2 to #97. I saw that my franchise was in trouble, so I made the appropriate changes. What I'm saying, expect the Packers to do the same.

Now, it's highly unlikely Thompson is going to make changes as drastic as the ones I made (they worked, by the way), but changes are-a-comin'. Mark Tauscher worked out for the Packers on Tuesday, and there's almost no way they don't sign him. Apparently it was the Packers plan all along to work him out when he recovered from his injury, but I don't care what they are saying. The O-Line sucks, we need reinforcements. Sign his ass already.

Also it looks like Jordy Nelson is going to take over the kick and punt return duties full time, as Will Blackmon is out with an ACL tear. Kind of a crappy situation, as Blackmon was actually one of the more quality return men we've had in awhile. It remains to be seen whether that Packers fill Blackmon's spot with another defensive back, or use it to sign Tauscher.

As for the Packers, I know I haven't said too much about their loss besides a certain four letter swear word, but I think they'll straighten things out this week during the bye. The offensive line needs to get their shit together, the defense needs to follow Charles Woodson's advice and get more aggressive, and overall the team needs to start playing with the energy they played with this preseason, the kind of energy which had people thinking Super Bowl. I think with the bye week and then two straight weeks versus the Lions and Browns, that we are going to see a different Packers team by the time Favre makes his return to Lambeau.

Here's to hoping they get things figured out by then. And here's to hoping I figure out how to get "continue reading" to stop showing up after each post by then, too.


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