Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cancel My Move to Chicago

Sure, it's still about seven years down the road, but I was already plotting my move to Chicago in time for the 2016 Olympics. I know that there's really nothing good about the sports teams of the Windy or their fans, but it's one of my favorite cities that I've ever visited. I was ready to plan a move their and work for something Olympic related come 2016, but that dream has died, and I'm about as in shock as that guy up there making the O-face.

I thought that the IOC would welcome a chance to come back to the states, but that must have just been my "I'm an American so I'm better than you" attitude. I really thought that with the backing of my boy Obama and the venues and entertainment that Chicago could offer, that they'd be a lock for the international competition. Instead, they were the first city eliminated. Yikes. Perhaps the IOC was a little concerned about coming back to America, what with the bribery scandals of the Salt Lake Winter Games and the fact that, oh I don't know, there was a freaking bombing the last time America had a Summer Games.

Still, very disappointing, as not only would it have been cool to have the Olympics so close to us, but a few of the Olympic events would have floated into Wisconsin, especially the Madison area. So cancel my move to Chicago, and I highly doubt that I'll be moving to Rio de Janeiro.


Unknown said...

George W. would have went to Copenhagen and brought back the Olympics.

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