Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bucky Five: Fuck

1. F

2. U

3. C

4. K

5. Fuck - Can't talk about it right now. Just can't do it. I'll have a running diary type post on Winks Thinks Thursday. Until then, fuck everyone who still likes that bastard and fuck you if you think otherwise. Whatever.


Daniel C said...

Meh, it's not as bad as it seems. DL should have held onto that TD pass. Our O-Line still sucks. Our D-Line is even worse. We can't blitz because we have a shitty ass safety in there. A-Rodge won't get rid of the ball and check down. We can only run when down by 14. Our screen passes work once out of every 10 tries. We can't even get pressure on the ViQUEENS! We lost in the Metrodome. Big deal. How many times did we do this with Favre at the helm? Let it wash over you. Take a deep breath. Allow it to pass through. There is a brighter tomorrow. There is a good future with Rodgers, Finley and the rest. Finley should have been used even MORE! This should have been his breakout game. He was pretty close, but not involved enough. Pack still has a chance. Honestly, this team is still a few years off, but Wild Card is no where out of the question. Even a division crown is possible when Favre implodes for the last 6ish weeks. Long live TT, MM and A-Rodge.

Daniel C said...

And by Favre I meant BURT FURVE.

Winks said...

Well said Daniel C. Thanks for helping me through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on tonight's big loss:

1. We didn't blitz enough and Favre got way too confortable back there. Seeing him celebrate made me hate him more.

2. Ref's seemed to have some money on the Vikes. I have Tivo and went back and back and couldn't find pass interference or offsides on Woodson's pick.

3. Derrick Martin needs to be cut. Cant tackle or cover anyone.

4. Too many drops by the Pack receivers yet again. Driver had one. Lee had a big drop. Wynn had a easy drop.

5. It's going to be a long season with this o-line we've put together.

TZar said...

Our offensive line is a complete joke. The bigger concern should be whether Rodgers makes it through the entire season. I never thought I would see this day and it is every bit as painful as you would expect.

Herbert said...

Another fine example of how fat McCarthy is an awful coach/playcaller. Penalized like mad (again), the lines (lack sill) and team lacks discipline (again), and you pass the ball on 3rd AND 4th down from the 1 foot line. More blame lies on him overall than the team performance.

He has had one good year as a HC b/c of Favre's MVP-esque freak season, other than that, mediocre to sub-par at best, no question.

And yes, I do hate Favre.

Herbert said...

The lines lack *skill, not sill...

Daniel C said...

While I stand by most of my sentiments from my earlier post, I was rather tipsy when writing that. A Packer loss can do that to a man... Go Pack. Favre looked damn good, but his arm will fall off sooner than later.

b2 said...

best bucky five ever

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