Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tauscher Visits Kansas City

The biggest thing that I'm worried about as the Packers get set to travel to Minnesota is how well the offensive line will hold up against the Vikings defense. We already know that Favre will suck, but in order for Rodgers to out play him he's going to need more than 1.3 seconds to throw from the pocket. The way our offensive line has been playing (not against the Rams, that doesn't cut), that might not be easy.

One of the possible suggestions regarding the improvement of our offensive line has been bringing back Mark Tauscher, although Ted Thompson showed zero interest in signing him last offseason. It appears that he still has zero interest in him, because I think if he did he would have been signed already. Tauscher has been out with an ACL injury, and has been looking for a chance to prove that he's recovered. He's got that chance now as the Chiefs have brought him in for a tryout.

Even if Kansas City passes on Tauscher, I still don't see him coming back to Green Bay, which will upset all the Thompson haters out there. I've noticed that there is a select group of people that will hate Thompson and McCarthy no matter what they do, and their latest target is their so-called mismanagement of the offensive line. Granted, the line has sucked so far, but that doesn't mean that Ted Thompson should be fired. Some people will just never be happy.


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