Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farewell, Aaron Rouse

The other day when I wrote about how Atari Bigby was injured, I was talking about how the Packers wouldn't really lose much with Aaron Rouse in the secondary instead. Well, actually the Packers did lose something, as in the game against the Bengals. And because of that Rouse lost something as well, as in his job.

It was a "number of factors" that led to Rouse losing his job, according to Mike McCarthy, but the biggest one has to be that he suffered yet another injury last Sunday. Rouse left the game with a stinger, and was replaced by Jarret Bush. Just a warning here folks, Bush could be your starting safety this weekend against the Rams, so stay tuned.

Bush will get some time, along with Derrick Martin, but one other guy who will get some snaps is a guy by the name of Matt "It's Not Delivery, It's" Giordano. Kind of a stretch on the nickname, but whatever. Anyway, Giordano, who has spent the last four seasons with the Colts, was picked up by the Packers on Wednesday. So with the injuries to Collins and Bigby, it could be a rough week for the Packers secondary. Good thing we're playing the Rams.

Another Packers transaction to take note of as well. Fifth round pick Jamon Meredith was on the practice squad up until Monday, when the Bills signed him to their active roster. Tackle Dane Randolph will take his place among the Brian Brohm All-Stars.

Update (3:15pm Thursday) - The Giants have signed Aaron Rouse


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