Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brewers Score

Player of the Game.



Winks said...

By the way, POTG was Escobar. Here's the real Box Score Contest:

Smells like burning.

Jonk said...

If I was rude, I apologize... certainly didn't mean anything other than constructive criticism. But really, the only Brewers attention these days is exactly what you just posted. Why not a post about something like the Fielder discussion that published? It seems that is the kind of thing with which you could hone your writing skills while also supplying something that is interesting for visitors to read and a reason for them to keep coming to the site everyday.

b2 said...

1. wiggum, damnit, i have not watched simpsons in a while

2. dude i thought you had a thick skin now because of blogging, you always take shit personal and do something like change the name to the eagle channel

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