Monday, September 7, 2009

For One Day Only, Brewers Become Relevant

Let me first being by clearing something up with everyone. I know that lately I have been very hard on the Brewers, in a way that makes it seems like I am very bitter that the Crew haven't been able to duplicate the success they had last year. I can't say I mean for it to come across that way, but the fact of the matter is I just really wish that as I type this post on a Labor Day afternoon I would be doing so while watching competitive baseball rather than waiting for my turn to play Madden.

How great would it be if I could just relax today while watching the Brewers and Cardinals battle it for the NL Central lead on my new HDTV. Last year at this time, the Brewers were doing just that, as they were nearly 25 games over .500. Success like that was something that I wanted to get used to, and it's just been hard dealing with the fact that we won't be experiencing the joys of October this season.

Despite the fact that Milwaukee is limping to the finish line, they found a way to put on a very entertaining ballgame against the Wild Card contending San Francisco Giants on Sunday. From a Brewers triple play, to Jason Kendall's diving catch behind the backstop, to the Prince Fielder's game winning home run and then explosion at home plate, this was a game littered with top ten highlights. Getting the upper hand over a contending team in the extra innings is something that is going to send the home crowd happy every time.

Of course though, the Giants are pulling a Pujols and bitching about the Brewers celebration on Sunday. Honestly though San Fran, who cares. Let the Brewers have their one moment this season, and you guys should be going back to concentrating on catching the Rockies. The Brewers may be viewed as a little cocky, but this is just a group of guys trying to have fun when they win a ballgame. To some teams, winning is all business, but to the Brewers, it's kind of fun. In the rare cases when that happens, let us celebrate a little bit. Thanks, and good luck. Pricks.

Plus, the Giants came out of Milwaukee with a series win anyways, as it was your typical Brewers series where they win one game and lose the other two. Prince will get the player of the game for Sunday, Villanueva can have it for Saturday, Cameron will take it for Friday, and Braun gets it for the win last Thursday.

As far as the Box Score Contest is concerned, I'm going to throw up four different lyrics from various 90's songs that I heard today on the radio. The catch is that you can only get one point per person, so one person is not going to be able to get all four. There will be another one then later today after the Brewers likely get no-hit by Chris Carpenter.


B said...

the bottom one is by the crash test dummies

b2 said...

mighty mighty boss tones impression that i get

blessed union i believe,

ace of bace sign,

what b said


b2 said...

didnt read the post haha

Winks said...

Ha, nice. I'll give you guys both two in the standings, which will be updated... eventually...

CC said...

You mentioned that no one could get more than one point so I'll try and steal one. The 3rd one is ACE of Bace sign. Hopefully you'll stick with your rule and I'll get a cheapy!

Unknown said...

You are a lil biatch cc

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