Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flash Forward: The First 18 Minutes

It's going to be a busy night in the Winkler/Berenz/Kuitert household, with all the great TV on tonight. There's The Office, It's Always Sunny it Philadelphia, Community, Parks and Recreation, WWE Superstars...., Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, and the new kid on the block Flash Forward, of which you can watch the first 18 minutes above.

It's being touted as the next "Lost", in terms of story with interesting characters and an overarching science fiction theme. It's got a little time-travel element to it as well, which not only excites me, but it's also got me a little worried. Last year, the show I fell in love with was ABC's "Life on Mars". Cancelled. The year before that, it was NBC's "Journeyman". Cancelled. Here's hoping Flash Forward can still around for awhile.

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