Saturday, September 12, 2009

Badgers Edge Fresno State in Overtime

I'm sure there were a lot of negative thoughts in your head and mine when the Badgers were down 14-0 to Fresno State in the early goings of the second quarter. I never expect the Badgers to actually win all of their games, but you never want to lose these first three games at home, no matter how good Fresno State might be.

Actually, I lied. I didn't start watching this game until the Badgers were down 14-7, because unless I'm going to the game, I usually don't wake up until the second quarter. Isn't waking up hungover and half watching the Badger game what college football Saturdays are all about?

Anyway, despite my claim that I'm a fairweather Badger fan, I actually found myself very intrigued with this game, as it was a great game. The play of the game had to be John Clay's 72-yard touchdown scamper in the fourth quarter that gave the Badgers a three point lead. Fresno State would tie the game with a field goal, and the Badgers were headed to overtime.

I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I really don't remember the Badgers playing too many overtime contests. Experience wasn't needed though as the Badgers won the game with ease, care of a Scott Tolzien pass to Nick Toon, and then a Philip Welch field goal in the second overtime period.

It wasn't a pretty win, but it was a good win. I'm still not sure how good this Badger team can be, but it's a lot better being 2-0 then being one of the alternatives.


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