Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Packers Cuts

In the last three days, I have probably been on the internet for a total of four minutes. If you know me at all, you'd know how uncharacteristic that is of me. I'm not sure if I was going through actual withdrawals, but I did feel an uncontrollable shaking sometime last night. I figure it was lack of internet related.

The point I'm trying to make is that even though I really had no chance to use the net this weekend, I made sure to find access to it for one thing, and that is to see who the Packers cut on their way to a 53-man roster. I'm sure you've heard the cuts by now, but here's the full list.

Of course, the biggest surprise of these cuts may have been Brian Brohm, as you would have thought the Packers would have given more time to a second-round pick from last year. However, it seems like the Packers knew what they were doing in taking the risk of cutting him. Brohm cleared waivers, and after talking to five other teams, decided to rejoin the Packers as a member of the practice squad. Joining him are WR Jake Allen, CB Trevor Ford, LB Cyril Obiozior, RB Kregg Lumpkin, OT Jamon Meredith, DE Ronald Talley, and NT Anthony Toribio.

Overall, I'm not too shocked by Ted's moves, but there were a few interesting notes. I like the trade of Tony Moll for Derrick Martin of the Ravens, because we got something for a guy we were likely to cut anyway. I'm excited to ssee what Martin brings to the table, but unfortunately it resulted in the cutting of Anthony Smith. Smith was brought in the guy to basically be the expert on the 3-4 in the secondary, but now he's a member of the St. Louis Rams. That's too bad too, as he's been kicking ass for us on Madden.

I'm not too surprised that the Packers kept all three fullbacks, as I'm not sure which one of those guys they would have cut. Keeping that third fullback likely led to the cutting of Brohm, but again, that was a move that worked out in the end.

Everyone seems to be saddened by the cutting of RB Tyrell Sutton, but I think we kept the right guys. Wynn is a veteran presence that has played well in big games in the past, and was needed in case Brandon Jackson isn't ready to go in the early going of this season. He's now a Carolina Panther.

Ruvell Martin was also an interesting cut, although Brett Swain has been playing well on special teams, and we all know how much Teddy likes youth. Martin is a cut that didn't really please his teammates, because he was pretty good friends with a lot of people on that team, especially Rodgers and Jennings.

Either way, this final roster from one to fifty-three might be one of my favorite lineups of all-time with this team. They have good depth at all positions, minus quarterback I guess. The punting situation will be something to watch this season as well, but I'm excited going forward with the roster Ted has assembled. Next Sunday night can't come soon enough.


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