Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You, Jody Gerut

Oh man. I think earlier today I wrote that the next time we'd talk Brewers we would be talking about a Chris Carpenter no-hitter. That would have been a little depressing. The Brewers 3-0 loss to the Cardinals was actually just one Jody Gerut hit away from being a no-hitter, so thank you Jody. Looks like that trade finally paid off after all!

Player of the Game: Actually Dave Bush, pitching pretty well through seven innings.

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CC said...

Bob Barker - The Price is wrong Bitch!

b2 said...

monday night raw

Winks said...

b2 gets a half point, as does CC. CC, if you would have just come over for wrestling last night you would have known that's what I was referring to!

Unknown said...

I'm done playing this game. Too many wrestling references.

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