Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NFL Coverage Maps: Week Four

Hey, who's ready for some coverage maps? We got them for week four, courtesy of the guys at the506.com. The weeks where the Packers either don't play, or play in primetime, are always a little different, and we'll definitely get a little different flavor of teams this week. Well, kind of. As always, I'll list the game that will be shown in Wisconsin.

CBS Single Coverage Map - Baltimore at New England (noon)

Fox Early Game Coverage Map - Detroit at Chicago

Fox Late Game Coverage Map - Dallas at Denver

So there's that, and then of course the biggest game in the history of life when the Packers travel to Minnesota on Monday Night. The Sunday night game is San Diego vs. Pittsburgh, but we all know I'll be watching "Hell in a Cell", the WWE pay-per-view for this month!


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