Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cubs Crush Crew, Cooper Canned

We often do a lot of speculating about what the Brewers roster is going to look like next season, but what about the coaching staff? The little brain trust of Ken Macha, Willie Randolph, and Dale Sveum hasn't exactly paid dividends, and I'm sure Randolph will be looking for a managerial job next season. Hell, Sveum might have his eye open as well, if he doesn't end up replacing Ken Macha (never know). But one guy that could fill any of these guys positions should they leave is former Brewer Cecil Cooper, who was fired Monday from the Houston Astros.

Cooper hasn't been all that great of a manager, but the Brewers organization does have a thing for bringing back guys that used to play for them. If you don't believe me, then how do you explain people still talking about 1982 like it was last Thursday, and how do you explain that Bill Schroeder does plugs for next season's fantasy camp as early as May. We're a franchise that lives in the past, one that's not even all that great to begin with. So you never know, gut feeling tells me if Cooper lands anywhere, it's somewhere in the organization, be it Milwaukee or Nashburg.

The present of the franchise hasn't been all that great either, although the Brewers are climbing closer to .500. They could have got back to that mark on Monday night, but the Cubs decided to come to Miller Park and beat Milwaukee 10-2. I can't even believe how huge these games would be if both of these teams were contending, but I will tell you I am happy that the Cubs aren't in the playoff race either.

I know some people wish that even if we are having a down season, they wish that the Cubs were at least in it so that we can play the role of spoiler. No way for me though. If we're going to go down sinking, I'll gladly take the Cubs with us. But Chicago definitely got the upper hand in game one of the new series, destroying Braden Looper in the process.

Dave Bush and Chris Narveson will throw the next two games, so on paper we've already been swept. But if the Brewers decide that being .500 is actually worth something, maybe they'll try to rebound and play the kind of baseball they have been lately. Kudos and Player of the Game nod to Mike Cameron in this one, who scored each of the Brewers two runs off solo homers. Well done.


Daniel C said...

Hey now, 90+ win seasons - yes, multiple, something that seems unachievable for the current Brewers - are nothing to scoff at. Sure the history as a whole isn't that great. However, you can't really blame a team that was stuck in such a stacked division. Considering the division, it's amazing they made it as far as they did. Those teams were loaded, and, obviously, much better than anything the Crew has had in general. Granted, it didn't last forever, and, no, the team choked away the big one, but it's hard to believe in anything else as a fan, when that is the only bright spot. Winning one game in the playoffs was fun last year, but if a Packer SB loss was just a "fart in the wind"... then what are the Crew?

Keep up the good work, though. Hopefully, you'll have happier stuff to write about next weekend.

CC said...

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