Sunday, September 27, 2009

Also Receiving Votes, the Wisconsin Badgers!

The Wisconsin Badgers and the Top 25 haven't really been acquainted too much lately, but it seems that the Badgers are flirting with the idea of rekindling their old friendship with the college ranking system. After a 38-30 win against Michigan State, a game in which the Badgers controlled more than the score would indicate, the Badgers are on the cusp of cracking the Top 25 for the first time this season.

As it stands after week four, the Badgers aren't quite in the rankings but they are one of the others receiving votes. In the USA Today Poll, the Badgers fall in at number 30, while in the Associated Press Poll, the Badgers fall in at number 32. The 4-0 record has helped them garner some attention, but people still aren't sold on Bielema's squad. If the Badgers can go into Minnesota next weekend and pick up a victory, they'll be ranked for certain. It'd be nice to have the Badgers be ranked before they head into their big matchup against Ohio State in Columbus.

As I've said before, I'm not able to watch as much of these games as I'd like to, because of the whole working on Saturdays thing. As I've also said before, my interest in the Badgers is usually high at the beginning of the season, especially before the Badgers first loss. If Wisconsin keeps playing the way they have been, I just may have to take one of these Saturdays off in the near future.


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