Thursday, September 17, 2009

Atari Bigby Out For At Least One Month

When I think of the phrase, "crunked up", this picture of Atari Bigby is always the first thing that comes to my mind. Unfortunately for Bigby, he will have plenty of time to be as crunked as he wants to be on the bench, as he is out four weeks with what McCarthy has called a "significant injury".

I've always been a Bigby fan, so this news is a little unsettling, however I have no doubt Aaron Rouse will do a decent job filling in for him at safety. The difference between the the Packers' production is actually minimal when either of them are on the field, so I'm assuming Rouse will do just fine. If not, Jarrett Bush could also step into the role, and perhaps Derrick Martin. The first thing I thought of when this happened, however, was why did we cut Anthony Smith.

We'll have to see how things so this weekend, and Cincinnati is as good of a team to try new things against defensively, because they are not very good on offense, at least it seems. Hopefully Rouse can step in and not miss a beat, and help keep Ochocinco from doing a Lambeau Leap.


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