Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cameron Might Stay For a Discount

When thinking of what lineup the Brewers will be trotting out next season (and yes, you should be thinking about next season already), it's often assumed that Mike Cameron will no longer be with us in centerfield. In fact, his $10 million or so contract is one of the reasons he was nearly sent to either the Yankees or the Marlins before the waiver wire deadline last week. However, Cameron has enjoyed his time in Milwaukee, and may be looking to stick around.

It's appearing more and more like Cameron would be willing to take a discount to stay in Brew City, a move which I would have no problem. You can't deny Cameron's defensive presence, and his untucking tradition has become the symbol of this team. He's also pretty good with the stick (usually).

What I have long been saying is that I want to see Weeks moved to center, with Lopez sticking around at second. That though, was assuming that Cameron would be gone. I still think Weeks would be best suited in the outfield, and maybe if we kept Cameron we could put Weeks in right, assuming we get rid of Hart for pitching. Lopez could also play some third base if we wanted him too. As you can see, I am getting way ahead of myself, but those are just some things to consider.

As for the actual Brewers, they played a couple of games since we've last talked. On Wednesday night, they got destroy by the Cardinals 10-3, but then they took care of business Thursday afternoon, winning 4-3. But um, 13 games back, so, yeah. As for box scores, here's two different quotes, but same movie. Players of the game go to Braun and McGehee.


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