Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Be Surprised When This Makes the Billboard Hot 100

One of the things I remember most about the Super Bowl season back in 1996 was how many Packers-themed songs there were on the radio all the time. Having complimentary music to your team's victories is a great compliment for any quest to the Super Bowl. And I've noticed that trend coming back this year, although many of the songs have so far revolved around Brent Favre.

The t-shirt we all know and love was made by the guys at, and they've just posted a great video on their Facebook site that I wanted to share with you. So here it is, set to the tune of "Save the Last Dance For Me" by Michael Buble, "We'll Never Forget You Brent" by the Flip Flops. Awesome.


B said...

nowhere else to pass this along on the comments, but its awesome.

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