Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Boy Kyle Orton

This is way unrelated to anything Wisconsin, but I just wanted to make my affection for Kyle Orton public. I always liked him even when he was with Chicago, mainly because he lead the Bears to like ten wins that season but nobody gave him any credit. Ten wins is ten wins, no matter how you get it done.

My love for him grew even more when he was traded to the Broncos, because all these Bears fans think that Jay Cutler is a huge upgrade over Orton, an upgrade that can help get them to the Super Bowl. I know many people disagree with me, but I don't think Jay Cutler is very good. He's never been better than 8-8, but all of a sudden he's going to take an average Bears team to the promised land? I don't get it. I am however, excited to watch him suck against the Packers tonight.

Now, my boy Orton played decent against the Bengals, but he definitely lucked into a victory. It what could end up being the play of the year, Orton's pass was deflected and then caught by Brandon Stokley for an 87-yard game winning touchdown. I'm not really a Broncos fan by any means, but I do have a soft spot for Orton and will be rooting for him all season. Just wanted to get that out there.


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