Tuesday, September 15, 2009

POTG: Cubs 13, Brewers 7

Hey Corey Hart is back. Let's give him a Player of the Game.

Me fail english? That's unpossible.


rodriguez said...

hart's been back for a week but i guess thats the kind of timely analysis that bucky brings well done

b2 said...

ralph wiggins, simpsons

Anonymous said...

This site has turned to crap.

Winks said...

Jesus C. I know Hart's been back. He got the player of the game for having 3 RBI last night. The comment was meant to say that he's actually contributing, rather than just being actually a body in right field.

You guys know I've called it quits on the Brewers this season, I don't see why me only doing player of the games is a surprise.

People unhappy about something they get for free. Never quite understood that one.

Brad Silvers said...

Heel turn?

Winks said...

The ironic thing is that I didn't even realize I'm wearing a Corey Hart jersey shirt today.

Jonk said...

Even after giving up on the Brewers for the season, analysis that is "Score, random player of the game, Simpsons quote" is frankly pretty weak. What is the point of it? There are a million places to find the score, and just as many to find Ralph Wiggum (not Wiggins) quotes. It's fine that you've given up on the Brewers this year, I understand why, but on the other hand you shouldn't complain about people being unhappy with "something they get for free" when what they are getting for free isn't very good in this instance. For example, even giving up on the team this year, you could give your opinions on something like What to do with Prince Fielder? or any number of other issues. Just because the season is over doesn't mean you still can't do coverage and analysis of the team, that is if you still want to do it.

Winks said...

Very spirited discussion, but the whole point of me even posting the score is to continue the Player of the Game nominations, something I thought I clearly explained a few weeks ago.

Either way, arguing about the merits of these mini-posts is very disheartening. As I've said before, I write this blog because I enjoy writing when I get the chance. I try to post relevant news to keep the casual sports fan up to speed, and then offer analysis when I can.

That being said, I don't mind when people criticize my writing - in fact I welcome it, as it makes me a better writer. But for people to come on here, some of them anonymously, and criticize me for something I am desperately just trying to make time for, it's kind of rude.

Jonk said...

Well, considering my note was the only new item between your comments, apparently that is directed toward me. What did I say that is "rude"?

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