Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Sure How I'm Covering the Badgers This Year

So here's the irony of this whole site "The Bucky Channel". Bucky, clearly is the mascot for the Wisconsin Badgers. The majority of my color scheme is red and white, a take off on the University of Wisconsin's color palette. A very poor knock-off of Bucky Badger is the first thing you see on this site. However, the Badgers (both football and basketball) are probably the thing I cover the least.

Don't expect that to change this season. The PR-friendly excuse that I'm going to give you is that I'm working on Saturdays this fall, and will miss most of the games. Also, when I'm done with work on those days I'll probably go out with friends, which limits the blogging time. By the time I get around to writing about them, it will be Sunday afternoon, when I'll be knee deep in fantasy football.

The real reason though is because I'm a self-admitted fairweather Badgers fan. I mean, without question they are my team of choice in college football, but I have a hard time following this time once they lose, and the current postseason structure of college football is what is to blame. I do follow the team, and try to watch them when I can, but I'll be honest with you. I looked at the box score from Saturday's 28-20 win against Northern Illinois and I recognized three names: John Clay, Zach Brown, and I figured that the Toon guy at wide receiver was probably Al Toon's kid. That's it.

Now, I did get to watch a little of the replay (didn't watch the game live - wedding), and I did like some of the things I see. The quarterback situation will be interesting, as both Tolzien and Phillips looked legit enough. This Issac Anderson receiver could be something special. And our defense looked good, at first anyway.

My best case scenario for this team would be a two-loss season, but I figure they'll wind up in the middle of the Big Ten. Honestly though, nothing that happens would surprise me this season, whether they win the Big Ten or don't win another game. I guess those are the kind of expectations I have when I don't know a damn thing about this football team.

With that said, Fuck 'em Bucky!


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