Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Bucky Five: Things I Missed This Weekend

This is just a sample of what you're going to see later tonight when I finish my recap of our Packer trip to Nashville. It will be full of pictures and stories, and why you should try to party down there at least once in your life. But that won't be done until late tonight, so please check back then. (As for the above picture, that's from the bar Coyote Ugly, which I still have mixed feelings about.)

While we were gone, a lot of things happened in the Wisconsin sports world that we weren't able to cover. Let's go over a few of those things now.

5. Bucks split weekend series.

It's quite early yet, but I'm starting to believe in this Bucks team. While they did lose on Saturday night 91-87, they were able to come back on Sunday to beat the Knicks 94-86. Can anyone else remember a time last year when the Bucks held their opponents to less than 100 points in three straight games? I can't. Ramon Sessions filled in nicely for Ridnour on Sunday, and will likely get our Buck of the Game, which we'll lay out sometime before tomorrow night's game.

4. Dale Sveum back as hitting coach.

Ken Macha expressed a desire to keep Dale Sveum in a Brewers uniform next season, and he has kept his word. Sveum will be back as the team's hitting coach, replacing Jim Skaalen. We see this as kind of a "good cop, bad cop" opportunity for Macha and Sveum, but hope that the players don't gravitate back towards Dale if Macha starts feeling the heat. I like the move though. Also, Brad Fischer of the Wisconsin Woodchucks is likely to become the team's 3rd base coach.

3. Brewers exercise option on Cameron, make offer to CC.

Mike Cameron's club option has been picked up, and this is something I could have went either way on. Cameron is a great player and I'm glad he's a Brewer, but the $10 million price tag was pretty daunting. I still think this is a move aimed at getting Sabathia to stay, as the two became good friends over the summer. Cameron seems to think CC will come back, and Sabathia is currently contemplating the Brewers offer. The specifics of the deal are yet to be known, but my guess would be it's a 4 year, $100 million deal. I think that would be the most competitive offer the Brewers could throw out there.

2. The Bucky Channel falls eleven spots in the rankings.

Did anyone else notice our drop in the standings this weekend? We proudly post our blog ranking according to wikio.com near the top of our page, and when we came back we saw we had fallen to number 373 from 362. Rest assured, we are not going to let that happen again. I blame it on the Brewers not advancing in the playoffs, as well as my MarioKart addiction.

1. Titans edge Packers in overtime.

Aaron Rodgers must have decided to go as Brett Favre for Halloween, because that was more of the way he played this weekend. Interception into double coverage. Unable to get the ball into the end zone. Content with field goals. It wasn't all Rodgers fault, as Grant is still under performing and the receivers dropped too many balls. The defense's "bend don't break" strategy worked, but only for so long. So the Titans beat the Packers 19-16 in overtime, thanks in large part to the foot of Rob Bironas.

What was the atmosphere like at the game? How great is Nashville? Did I find my much rumored "slump-buster"? Find out later tonight in my much hyped recap of the Nashville weekend.


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Where's the Nashville writeup? You liberals are probably out celebrating so you can't post anything.

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