Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Picks: Turkey Day

First and foremost, I'd like to take this chance to wish everyone a happy Blackout Wednesday. If you're not familiar with the holiday, it's the day where everyone travels back to their hometown for Thanksgiving, but then gets hammered the night before. It's a holiday I thought I made up, until I found out they've been doing this in Chicago for years.

Well, I didn't know about that, so I'm still claiming it as my own.

Of course, a successful Blackout Wednesday means an awful Thanksgiving, but that comes with the territory. I, however, have to work on Thanksgiving for the first time in the history of my life, so I'll have to let others enjoy tonight's holiday. Nothing wrong with spreading the holiday cheer.

For the rest of you, you'll probably be waking up sometime during the middle of the first game on Thursday. I respect you for that. While I'm not sure just how much of the games I'll be able to watch tomorrow, I am going to go all out on them for my picks. As you know, I use confidence points each week when picking games, and this week I'm going to put all my stock in the Thursday games.

I'll have the rest of my picks up sometime on Friday.

14 points - Dallas over Seattle

Not only is it Thanksgiving weekend, it's also the last weekend of many of your regular seasons for fantasy football. I'm in four leagues this year, and I've already clinched a bye in one of them. But the other three are basically "Win and I'm in" or "Lose and I'll Booze" scenarios. In two of those leagues I'm depending on Tony Romo, but I can't have him throw to Terrell Owens. It's going to be a tense weekend all around, especially because four leagues is probably too many. I'd tell you more about my fantasy teams, but then I remembered no one cares.

And oh, before I forget. Since I might not be able to watch this game, please don't spoil for me who wins the Galloping Gobbler.

15 points - Tennessee over Detroit

There's been some speculation as to whether or not the Lions should be stripped of their Thanksgiving Day privileges, because of how much they suck as a franchise. But like Dashiell Bennett over at Deadspin, I don't think that would be a good idea. Lions at home on Thanksgiving is a tradition, which is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Some traditions need to be changed, like the lack of extra replay in baseball. Some traditions should never be tampered with, like the Lions at home on Thanksgiving.

Even though they are awful.

16 points - Arizona over Philadelphia

Partly because I need to start taking risks if I'm going to win this league. Partly because I want more of a reason to watch the nightcap. Mainly because I think the Eagles are done.

Even though the Cardinals aren't very reliable on the road, and the Eagles are very intimidating at the Linc, I still think 'Zona pulls this one out. Not because I think they are the better team, but rather because Donovan McNabb sucks.

Is it just me, or is it that every time the Packers play on Monday Night Football, the pregame show usually never focuses on them? It sure didn't this week, as ESPN spent the majority of their time covering the Donovan McNabb story, or lack thereof. Sure, he got benched, but what's really the big deal? He was sucking, and he's now starting this week. Not that interesting.

Anyway, enjoy the real holiday tomorrow as well as the fake one Wednesday night. Especially if you have Thanksgiving off (which you should). I do have Friday off, so if any of you are up for it, I'd be more than happy to start a new tradition with you.

Blackout Thursday, anyone?


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