Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everyone Plays Against SIU-Edwardsville

Meet Terrance Williams, star basketball player of SIU-Edwardsville. Star as in, he played seven minutes and had zero points in their game against the Badgers on Tuesday night. The only reason he's getting any pub from our site is that it's the only picture I could find of SIU-Edwardsville, especially since there were more game photos available when I wrote this.

Truth is, what can I really say about the Badgers 88-58 victory that I haven't already said about the Badgers in an early season recap? 1) It's early. 2) It's a good time to figure out your lineups. 3) So far, so good.

The most interesting thing about the Badgers victory tonight was that fourteen different players saw the floor. So congratulations Ian Markolf and Wquinton Smith! Here's to providing bodies in practice and getting your chances next season! I guess you never know, though. They could get some more chances depending on how the Badgers do in the Paradise Jam tournament this weekend.

Overall, a good win for the Badgers early in the season. Got the chance to figure out their lineups, and so far, so good.

And best of luck to you this season, Terrance Williams.


Anonymous said...

only picture you could find did you try the teams website every player has a picture http://www.siue.edu/ATHLETIC/MBB/mbbros.html

Winks said...

Please understand why I didn't go out in my quest to find a picture of SIU-Edwardsville

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