Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UConn Too Much For Badgers

Go crazy UConn! Your men's basketball program just won the 2008 Paradise Jam!

The Badgers put up a good fight for most of the first half, but ultimately the Huskies proved why they are the second best ranked team in the nation. If the Badgers were going to win this one, they had to convert better on empty possessions by Connecticut, something they just couldn't do much of tonight. The result: a 76-57 win for UConn.

I was really excited for this game, more for the fact the Badgers were playing the number two team than for any hopes of being Paradise Jam champions. I thought the Badgers might be able to pull off the upset before the game tipped off, but they just couldn't match up as well as they would have liked to. Despite the loss, however, there is plenty to be happy about coming out of this one.

I was actually surprised at how many other people were into this game. I was at a bar on Monday night to watch the Packers game, but there were also TV's tuned into the Badgers matchup (As for that Packers game, I'll have my take on the game sometime Tuesday afternoon. Being at said bar all night as made me quite tired, and sleep is in order).

It seemed like between every commercial break or stop in the action of the Packers game, people quickly switched their eyes to Bucky. Even though I was focused in on the Pack for the most part, I knew everything that was going on in the Badgers game because of the annoying fan next to me. And yes, fans of your own team can be just as annoying as fans of the opponent.

The guy one table over from us was one of those guys that try a little too hard when it comes to cheering. After every non-call or foul, he would have something to say (slash yell). Whenever anyone would hit a shot, he'd make sure to shout the player's name, as if proving he knew exactly was on the team. If I could make any comparison, think of a friendgirl of yours that watches sports with you and talks too much as she's trying to prove that she belongs with the guys.

But as you can tell I've gotten off on a bit of a sine over cosine (think about it), and should probably get to bed.

Before I do though, I'd like to give a special thanks for what had to be Tim Duncan's former YMCA for holding the Paradise Jam tournament. Thanks, Virgin Islands!


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