Sunday, November 16, 2008

Badgers Semi-Clutch Against Minnesota

Heading into the fourth quarter of their game against Minnesota, the Wisconsin Badgers football program found itself down 24-17 against one of their biggest rivals. If the Badgers were going to be bowl-eligible, they'd need to find a way to clutch up and be clutch, something they have been doing the opposite of all season. With their season, and I guess you could say dignity, on the line, the Badgers came back and beat the Golden Gophers 35-32.

The comeback started with a one yard touchdown run from P.J. Hill, who had 117 yards rushing with two TD's on the day. The Badgers took the lead, and then earned another couple of points with two fourth quarter safeties.

Last week I was amazed to see two safeties in one game when the Vikings beat the Packers in the Metrodome, and now the Badgers just accomplished the same feat in a game six days later. Is it just me, or is this the year of the safety? Not just in college football, but in the NFL, too. I used to honestly get jazzed up every time I saw the rare occurrence that was a safety, now I feel as if they happen in every game I watch.

After the impressive work of the defense, a John Clay touchdown extended the Badgers lead to 11. Minnesota attempted a late comeback, but the Badgers were able to secure the victory.

With the victory, the Badgers become bowl-eligible, which has become somewhat of a buzz word amongst Badger fans here in Wisconsin. As in, "Seriously, we're fighting to become bowl-eligible?" Dave Heller of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does a decent job of predicting where exactly the Badgers might be headed.

No matter where they end up, I have to say I'm not that excited. I've told you before I'm a fair-weather Badgers football fan, mainly because of the current structure of college football. I usually jump ship after the first loss, so you can imagine what it's like to try to root for a five loss team.

With that in mind, what is everyone doing for next week's game against Cal-Poly???


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