Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Acknowlegement of Peterson's Helmet Removal

It couldn't have been too hard to tell how irate I was after the Packers vs. Vikings game if you happened to come across my recap. One of the things I was upset about was Adrian Peterson's behavior after he scored the game winning touchdown, when I asked "Someone remind me, isn't taking your helmet off on the field a 15-yard penalty?"

PFT did a little reviewing of the incident themselves, in which Florio concludes that "Minnesota’s 28-27 win carries almost as much tarnish as Denver’s Week Two win over San Diego." The incident occurs at the 2:35 mark of this video:

Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(h), the removal of a helmet during or after the play except when in the bench area constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct.

Yeah, you could say that me writing this is nothing more than a bitter Packers fan grasping at straws after a tough defeat to the arch-rival. But had they thrown the flag, the Vikings would have been forced to kick off from their own 15 yard line, which would have completely changed the Packers mindset heading into that final drive.

When I asked my one of my friends that somehow follow and root for the Vikings - I'm embarrassed to even have any - he simply shrugged it off and said, "Well, AP was out of bounds." My take on this is that AP is one of the league's superstars, and the refs decided to look the other way on this one rather than irritate a proven hot head like Peterson.

It's too late to change anything now, and I realize that. But it's just another reason why the Vikings are the number one team I hate in all of sports.


Anonymous said...

The Vikings are a arch-rival...not the arch-rival. Don't forget that The Packers - Bears rivalry is the oldest in football. Should be a good game next week.

Todd said...

Tony...I agree, Packers/Bears is the oldest rivalry and carries the most mystic, tradition, but believe me, if you went to UWL like Winks and I did, the bias of those Minnesotan fans is unbelieveable. At least the Bears have had their day, a long list of HOFers, etc. Vikings fans, nothing and they carry themselves like they are the odds on favorite to win the SB each year.

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