Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That 'Foul' Stench You Smell Is From Out West

No the foul stench wasn't Richard Jefferson's "Fromunda" cheese as this picture may suggest, but from the fact that the Bucks were in foul trouble early and often tonight.

I'm going to mail this one in. Seriously, not a whole lot to say. All you need to know is the Bucks(5-7) lost 114-105 to the Denver Nuggets(7-4) in Denver and our leading scorers were Charlie Bell and Austin Croshere. Here's the Points Container.

Believe me when I say the score was much closer than the actual game itself. The story once again in the loss, which is becoming a theme in Bucks losses, is that the Bucks put the Nuggets at the FT line 48 times, as opposed to getting to the line 24 times themselves. The defense didn't show up either, allowing the Nuggets to hit .507 from the field.

Bell scored 25, Croshere hit 17, Session had 6 boards and 6 assists, Jefferson had 3 fouls within four minutes of the start of the game. Those are your highlights folks. We need Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries to come out and give a story on the 'whereabouts' of Milwaukee Bucks sharpshooter, Michael Redd. Don't look for him to play tomorrow night against the Jazz either. CV will probably be out as well.

ON TAP: @ Utah Jazz, 9 pm Wednesday.

TBC Player of the Game: Charlie Bell, someone had to score after Jefferson decided he would mail it in on defense tonight, and start fouling.

(AP Photo/Dave Zalubowski)


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