Friday, November 14, 2008

CC Gonna Get Paid

While it would appear the Yankees are the front runner for CC Sabathia's services, I still have a feeling he's going to end up in SoCal. Nevertheless, it's becoming pretty apparent Sabathia will not be donning a Brewers uniform next season.

First up to the plate is the New York Yankees, who have reportedly offered a 6 year, $140 million contract to Sabathia. That equates to more than $23 million dollars per year, which would be the richest ever for a pitcher. That's going to be pretty hard to turn down.

Brewers' GM Doug Melvin says he's expecting to hear back from Sabathia sometime next week regarding the 5 year, $100 million offer the Brewers made at the start of free agency. Apparently, Melvin also made a pretty funny joke about how the Yankees are overbidding, but you won't find that in the Haudricourt article I just linked to. He's saving it for the Saturday morning edition of the Journal Sentinel! That tricky bastard, always finding new ways to sell newspapers!

Either way, I think it's pretty safe to say that Sabathia's days as a Brewer are over. Which isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Sure, he single-handily lifted the Brewers into the playoffs, but if he accepted Milwaukee's offer it would cripple the team financially in the years to come.

Still, it's going to be hard to see the man leave. We knew what we were getting into when we traded for him. We knew he was just a rental. Yet, because of how he quickly emerged as the face of Wisconsin sports, we're clinging to false hope that he will stay with us.

One thing is for certain, however. No matter he ends up, CC gonna get paid.


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