Friday, November 28, 2008

NFL Picks: Week Thirteen

How bad were the games the NFL served up for Thanksgiving this year? So bad that Vince Young came back to our television screens in a garbage time appearance.

I'm not necessarily saying bad teams like the Lions and Seahawks shouldn't be spotlighted on the holiday, but at least put up a fight, you know? The Lions are a complete joke, Mike Holmgren's tearful farewell tour has made the Seahawks soft, and I'm still trying to figure out how far back the Cardinals regressed Thursday night.

If there is one glaring problem with my picks, it's that too often I pick I want to happen, and not what I think will happen. That couldn't have been more evident than in my picks for Thanksgiving Day, when I put 16 points on the Cardinals to win in Philly. I should have known that the Eagles would rebound coming off an embarrassing couple of weeks. I also should have known that no team from the West has won in the Eastern Time Zone this year.

Hopefully I can make up for it with a good weekend this weekend. Here's the rest of the picks:

1 point - San Diego over Atlanta

As much as I love Matt Ryan, and need him to do well this weekend, I still can't shake my habit of always picking the Chargers. Their 4-7 record, and my addiction for picking them, is another reason why my picks have struggled this season. I still can't believe San Diego is 4-7. Phillip Rivers is one of the better quarterbacks in this league, and he's got plenty of weapons. I think the biggest problem with that team this season is that maybe I'm not the only one putting too much stock into the Chargers. Maybe the Chargers have been over-inflating their own worth this season as well.

That, and LaDanian Tomlinson hasn't looked good at all this year.

2 points - New England over Pittsburgh

There were a lot of tough games to pick this week, but I have to go with the Patriots at home. I just don't feel like the Steelers ever pull out these kind of games, and the Patriots have finally pieced together how to win with Matt Cassell. Then again, I'm rooting for New England to catch the Jets, so that played a factor here.

3 points - Washington over New York Giants

Went with my gut on this one. The Giants are probably going to win the Super Bowl, but I don't think they'll finish 15-1 this season. This game in Washington will be their second, and last, loss of the season.

4 points - Chicago over Minnesota

I already talked about why the Bears need to win this week for the Packers sake earlier this week, so let's put up another one of those literal music videos.

5 points - New York Jets over Denver

Do I hate Brett Favre? Yes, it's pretty clear that I do. However, despite my animosity, I have to admit that I'm finally ready to admit that the Jets are a good football team. In fact, I really think they are the best team in the AFC right now. They stumbled a bit out of the gates, but showed just how good they can be with a win over the Titans last week. The scary thing, for me, is that I think they might just be good enough to overcome the inevitable Brett Favre playoff collapse.

Last year, when the Giants won the Super Bowl, I said I was not ready to live in a world where the New York Giants were NFL Champions, because of how they beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. For the most part, I am over that.

But I'll tell you, I don't know how I would ever live in a world where Brett Favre won a Super Bowl with a team other than Green Bay.

6 points - Houston over Jacksonville

Does anyone need me for Monday night, for any reason? Need a bedroom painted? Need to me drive something to your aunt's house in Menominee to pick up something you forgot at Thanksgiving? Need someone to go drinking with? Someone please, find me a reason, any reason, that allows me to do something other than watch this game.

7 points - Green Bay over Carolina

In a rare move of me being generous, I turned down tickets to this game so that my brother, who has never been to a regular season Packer came, could go. Even though I hope he has a good time I have a) been regretting this decision since I made it and b) decided to pour the guilt trip on him until at least Christmas.

8 points - Tampa Bay over New Orleans

I don't know what it is about the NFC South, but I'm never excited about their inter-divisional games.

9 points - Indianapolis over Cleveland

Let's switch gears for a moment. I just read Daulerio's article over on Deadspin about how Black Friday is also one of the most common days for high school reunions. Pretty good read. It got me thinking, though. I have been out of high school for a little more than six years. I've gotten fatter, more obnoxious, and have had worse luck with the ladies since I graduated. I pretty much have nothing to show for myself, prime example being that I'm writing this from my parents house.

And not because I'm home for the holidays. But because I live here.

The thing is, my high school class decided not to have the five year reunion, and we didn't really need one. For some reason, a lot of us from my high school are closer than ever, and still hang out all the time. They say the friends you meet in college are the ones that are your friends for life, but for us here in Fondle Sac, it's the high school friends we keep in touch with. Mainly because a lot of us are still townies. But that's besides the point.

So I'm not really worried about seeing old people I never wanted to see again. That happened enough on Blackout Wednesday. The thing I'm worried about is what will be written about me in the book that gets passed out at our ten year reunion. You know, the one that gives you updates on all your classmates.

If we did have a five year reunion, the book would have said that I am a graduate from UW-La Crosse, who is now working for WKBT-TV as a news reporter. I would have brought my girlfriend, and would have been viewed as successful.

If there was such a thing as a six year reunion, the book would say I live at the same address I lived at in high school, and that I haven't been with a girl since the five year reunion. And that I went from being on TV everyday to serving people breakfast.

Basically, I have about four years to change that before our ten year reunion. I don't care if my friends and classmates think that I'm a loser. I just don't want them to have proof.

10 points - Baltimore over Cincinnati

We already know Tony Dungy and Mike Holmgren won't be back next year, because they have announced they'll be stepping down. I think it's safe to add Marvin Lewis to the list of coaches that will be out of work next season. Also Rod Marinelli, Brad Childress, Wade Phillips (trust me), Mike Singletary, Romeo Crennel, Tom Cable, and possibly Jack Del Rio. One of these men will be able to take Bill Cowher's spot on CBS, because he's surely going to be taking theirs.

11 points - Kansas City over Oakland

73 percent of people took the Raiders in this one. Call me crazy, but even though the Chiefs are 1-10, and the game is in Oakland, I'd rather be one of the 27 percent that takes KC.

12 points - Miami over St. Louis

I don't see any possible way more than 50 percent of the Edward Jones Dome is filled this weekend.

13 points - Buffalo over San Francisco

Happy Thanksgiving, RickRoll style! (Wait for it, it's worth it).


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