Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sabathia 5th in Cy Young Voting

Yes, that is an actual photo with CC Sabathia in a Yankees cap. Just wanted to get you used to the idea.

But while the news about where Sabathia will play next year is yet to be known, the news about his Cy Young chances has been revealed. Even though he was baseball's best pitcher in the 2nd half, Sabathia finished no higher than 5th in the Cy Young voting for the National League.

It was 24-year-old Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants who did win the Cy Young. You know, I really liked it better when professional athletes were older than me, and they were someone to look up to. Linceum is 24 and winning Cy Youngs, I'm 24 and unemployed blogging in my parents basement.

Second was Brandon Webb (Ari), Johan Santana (NYM) was third, while Phillies closer Brad Lidge was fourth. Sabathia then grabbed fifth with a first, second, and third place vote for a total of nine points.

Sabathia should be a front runner for the Cy Young award next season. Whether or not it will be in the aforementioned Yankees hat remains to be seen.


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