Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marquette Upset For First Loss of Season

Well, that's a shame.

If this year's Marquette Golden Eagles squad is known for their up-tempo style of play, the Dayton Flyers are going to be known as the team that beat Marquette at it's own game.

"We had to play on all cylinders and tonight that's what happened," said Brian Gregory, coach of the Dayton Flyers.

"Marquette is very physically tough. If we didn't match it, you've seen what happens. So we did, we matched it. ... We play 12 guys and people keep asking, 'Can you do that?' We're going to keep doing it, because we've been fresh."

The end result was a 89-75 score tilted in favor of the Flyers, who remain undefeated. Marquette was down just one point heading into the locker rooms at half-time, but then just couldn't keep up with a team loaded with depth.

It's a disappointing loss for the Golden Eagles, there's really no other way to put it. Once again it's going to be a tough conference schedule for Marquette, and you'd like to win as many of these early games as possible. But it's probably a good gut-check for Marquette, who will try to regroup against Central Michigan this week before taking on the Badgers.


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