Saturday, November 8, 2008

Willie Randolph Will Be With the Brewers After All

Well look at that. After failing to be hired for the Brewers managerial position, Willie Randolph has still found a way to wear the Brewers blue next season. Randolph has been hired as the team's bench coach, his first job since being fired as Mets manager one year ago.

Randolph was the guy who I thought the Brewers might hire when this whole process started, but ultimately the managerial post was given to Ken Macha. I'm admittedly surprised that Randolph took this job instead of looking for a manager position elsewhere. To me this shows one of two things: Either he really wanted to be a part of this Brewers club, or nobody else was even considering hiring him.

His hiring is just one of the many changes to the Brewers coaching staff for 2009. Ed Sedar is the only coach returning to the position he held last year, while Sveum and Castro have both been reassigned (promoted?). Brad Fischer and Randolph join Macha as the new guys, while the search for a bullpen coach still continues.


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