Friday, November 7, 2008

I Say They Give It To Him

Besides answering a phone and B.S.'ing with big league players for the summer, there's really not that much that goes into being a bullpen coach in the Major Leagues. Don't tell that to Bill Castro, however. Castro has taken his job as bullpen coach with the Brewers so seriously, that he's often referred to as the club's "second pitching coach".

Now, with Mike Maddux gone for the Texas Rangers, Castro is making his pitch (ah, just caught that as I was proof-reading. No pun intended, but clever) to new manager Ken Macha for consideration as the club's new pitching coach. I say Macha does the right thing here, and gives Castro the job.

It's a job Castro has done before, most recently with the Dominican National Team for the World Baseball Classic. And he's been in the Brewers bullpen since the early 90's. He already knows the club, knows the pitchers, and knows what it takes to lead these guys on the mound. Plus, he's been there, like, forever dude.

"It's like I have always been in the shadows," Castro said in article on "I told this to Ken, that I'm not a flashy guy. I don't promote myself. But I have always believed that if you do things the right way, eventually someone will notice and give you an opportunity."

In a related story, I had a really weird dream about Ned Yost and video games last night, and don't know who to talk to about it.

Update: I'm taking zero percent credit, but Bill Castro has just been named the pitching coach.


Anonymous said...

I feel good about Bill Castro. they should name the bullpen at miller park after him just like the press box should be named after Uecker.

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