Monday, June 22, 2009

Hall and Kendall Still Somehow All-Star Relevant

Go figure the one picture I could find featuring both Jason Kendall and Bill Hall also includes Eric Gagne, another major Brewers failure. In the latest updated NL All-Star voting results, Bill Hall and Jason Kendall still remain in the top five at their respected positions. Clearly, there is no way in hell that either of these guys will be voted as a starter into the All-Star game this July, but the fact that both of these guys even make it on the press release every week boggles my mind. As I've said, I'm glad we're voting in strong numbers, Brewers fans, but let's be real here. A look at where the Crew stands:

Catcher - Jason Kendall - 4th Place
First Base - Prince Fielder - 3rd Place
Second Base - Rickie Weeks - 3rd Place
Shortstop - J.J. Hardy - 3rd Place
Third Base - Bill Hall - 5th Place
Outfield - Ryan Braun - 2nd Place
Outfield - Mike Cameron - 7th Place
Outfield - Corey Hart - 10th Place

It does appear that the Brewers are slipping a little each week as the rest of the NL's fans catch up with our initial push, especially those in Philadelphia and St. Louis. Outside of Hall and Kendall, you can't really complain with where the Brewers are in the standings, including Rickie Weeks. In fact, I encourage the continued voting of Weeks, because of the Brewers 14-17 record since he has been out of the lineup. Keep voting here.


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