Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Starting to Like Lance Briggs

“We know he’s going to throw us a few (interceptions). He’s thrown me a few, but I’ve also dropped several that I should have caught. We’d love to see Favre go there to play. We’d welcome it.”

These are the words of Lance Briggs, linebacker for the Chicago Bears. I'm trying not to comment to much on the Favre/Vikings saga, but I will say this - what a difference a year makes. After he "retired" from the Packers, the world wondered why on earth the Packers wouldn't welcome Favre back. But after he "retired" from the Jets, defenses throughout the league are dying for the old man to return so they can catch another one of the all-time interception leader's errant throws.

I'm actually enjoying this latest round of Favre drama, because if nothing else he has now become a major distraction to Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings. As I've said before, I am praying every night that Favre plays for the Vikings, mainly because my sentiments resemble that of one Bears linebacker.


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