Saturday, June 13, 2009

The All-Former Brewers Team

Inspired by Tomo Ohka's start on Saturday for the Cleveland Indians, as well as the recent conversation Bear and I had about how many former Brewers are currently playing down in Tampa Bay, I wanted to see just exactly where are the former Brewers are playing these days. The real question I wanted to know is would a team of 25 ex-Brewers be better than the 2009 model of the club? Without further adieu, here is the all-former Brewers roster of guys currently active in the MLB (I'm including players on the DL, and yes, it's Saturday night and I'm bored).

C - Henry Blanco (Padres)
1B - Russell Branyan (Mariners)
*Lyle Overbay (Blue Jays)
2B - Mark Loretta (Dodgers)
3B - Wes Helms (Marlins)
SS - J.J. Hardy (Red Sox) (Only kidding! For now...)
OF - Nelson Cruz (Rangers)
OF - Carlos Lee (Astros)
OF - Gary Sheffield (Mets)
UTIL - Gabe Gross (Rays)
UTIL - Scott Podsednik (White Sox)
UTIL - Tony Gwynn Jr. (Padres)
UTIL - Gabe Kapler (Rays)
UTIL - Laynce Nix (Reds)
UTIL - Fat Stairs (Phillies)
SP - CC Sabathia (Yankees)
SP - Jorge De La Rosa (Rockies)
SP - Tomo Ohka (Indians)
RP - Mike Adams (Padres)
RP - David Weathers (Reds)
RP - Francisco Cordero (Reds)
RP - Brian Shouse (Rays)
RP - Grant Balfour (Rays)
RP - Luis Vizcaino (Indians)
RP - Greg Aquino (Indians)
RP - Scott Linebrink (White Sox)
RP - Dennis Sarfate (Orioles)

* How could I have forgotten about DoubleBay?

Guillermo Mota and Julian Tavarez don't make the cut, although you could argue for them over Vizcaino and Aquino. That, and I couldn't find someone to play shortstop, I guess Joe Dillon could fill that role, but he's not currently active. Either way, while this team wouldn't be very good (they only have three starting pitchers), it's safe to say the Brewers let a few get away, but they also used to have a lot of very shitty players. Let me know if I missed anyone. Good night!


mike adams fan said...

sheets for the rangers soon enough

mike adams fan said...

also throw lyle overbay on first

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