Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Know Manny Parra is Done

Is anyone else watching the Brewers/White Sox game right now? Man, is Manny Parra struggling. He has no command of any pitches, and the White Sox are feasting all over him. He didn't even make it through the 2nd inning! At this point, I just can't see how Manny Parra is going to play any role in the Brewers making the playoffs this season. The fact that we are atop the NL Central speaks volume about how good this team is, because of the fact we've been carrying around dead weight in Manny Parra all season.

So what do we do with this guy? Apparently, his confidence is so bad that a demotion to Nashville might actually lead him to the edge of a tall building, but I think it's the only choice. Something tells me Manny might need this information sooner rather than later:


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