Friday, June 12, 2009

Brewers Sign Top Pick Arnett

It's another news story broken by Twitter. I hate to continue to sound like a bitter old man about the latest and greatest web craze, but am I just not going to get into this thing. One person that is all about it though is Brewers first-round pick Eric Arnett, and via his Twitter page he says "Officially a Milwaukee Brewer. Just got a deal worked out. Heading to Milwaukee tomorrow".

Haudricourt seems to confirm the news, saying to expect a presser at Miller Park sometime this weekend when the Brewers will officially announce the deal. Arnett is making some huge bank off of this drafting, as he is going to receive a signing bonus of $1.2 million. When I signed my contract to be a TV reporter way back when, my signing bonus was 70 bucks, so I'd say that Arnett has to be pretty pleased right now. Kudos to Arnett and the Brewers for getting a deal done quickly.

Even further, McCalvy is saying that first for Arnett will be an assignment at rookie ball in Helena, Montana. Arnett says he's hoping to end the season with the Timber Rattlers, so get your tickets now. Man, that Timber Rattlers/Brewers connection has been working out real nice, hasn't it?


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